Signwriting Verbs - Aspect Modulations

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If you are going to try to talk about a vehicle moving one way or the other, you have the choice of what you are doing because it is the object that you are moving about.  

However, if you do want to have that vehicle move back and forth, as an object being shown moving side-to-side, rather than forward and back, then your eyegaze should match the motion of the vehicle.  
Right now your eyes are gazing up at the ceiling when you are moving the car from side to side.  

You are showing side-to-side, not forward and back from your body on page 1.  

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Dear all,
Following our conversations about VERBS - tense/aspect etc. I would like
to try something out.

In LSM I'm writing down, using signwriting (please find attached) the
following phrase -

CAR -Vehicle-classifier - MOVE.

1) I've changed the MOVE symbols for a few aspect modulations - I'm sure
there are many more (wouldn't it be great if we could list ALL the
movement patterns for our languages - maybe such work can be done using

2) This is a very typical sentence inLSM, and so the same pattern of
movements should be able to be added to any whole entity classifier
handshape (like ANIMAL,  PERSON, TWO-LEGS etc).

3) On Page 1: Signwriting - the hand moving to the SIDE  and on Page 2:
Signwriting - the hand moving FORWARD. These are two possible ways of
writing the same verbs - which do you prefer? (I personally find Page 1
much easier to signwrite and to read).

4) Would some of you be kind enough to signwrite this simple phrase and
the different movements in your sign languages - say BSL, ASL, German Sign
Lang etc?

Many thanks for your comments, opinions. If you don't have time to try the
verbs all out in your language, I would appreciate any other comments
related to this topic.

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