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Hi Charles,
     What is the difference between gloss and descriptors?  Can you give 
us a couple of examples?


On 09/01/2010 7:05 PM, Charles Butler wrote:
> I've just checked the ELAN software they talk about and it is entirely 
> a gloss-based system.  It has nothing to do with actual sign language 
> transcription but controlled glossing and description in English or 
> other spoken languages.  I am working with a project that will take 
> Sign Writing and put it into English descriptors (not glossing but 
> descriptors) for linguistic research by another method, but in 
> addition, being able to add whatever translation or glossing may be 
> useful.  It's a different methodology altogether.
> The ELAN software is a medium for parsing a videotape so that it can 
> be annoted step-by-step, so as a software it could, conceivably, be 
> able to use SignWriting as and "alternate primary language", but it 
> would be interesting to write the company and see what they could do. 
>  It is Java and XML enabled, so an interface could be created (finding 
> funding would be an interesting challenge).
> Charles Butler
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> *Subject:* [sw-l] Gallaudet transcription class
> *PST 371-01*
> *Transcription of Sign Languages (1 credit)*
> This course begins by providing a brief history on transcription 
> practices in signed languages, particularly that of ASL linguistics. 
> This leads to discussion and evaluation of the role of glass 
> transcripts as data for ASL studies. The course then introduces the 
> theory of transcription and what defines successful transcription 
> practices. Attention is also given to learning ELAN software, a 
> dedicated transcription program, and applying it to ASL data.
> *Tuition: *$185
> *Prerequisites:* Permission of instructor. Contact 
> Julie.hochgesang at
> *RID CMP:* Professional, Introductory, 1.5 CEUs
> Course Materials: Instructor provided materials (keynote presentation 
> and scanned articles) and software (free and available as web download).
> *Instructor:* Julie Hochgesang
> *Questions:* cpso at 
> <>
> Interesting, no mention of signwriting....  Anybody in DC want to take 
> the class and open their eyes?  ::grin::
> cherie
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