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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Jan 27 15:56:59 UTC 2010

Hi list,

Someone asked a question about the new SignWriting analysis screen.  I 
thought the information might be interesting for the list as well.

The analysis page is part of the Binary SignWriting HTML Reference.

The ISWA 2008 HTML Reference is included with the package.

The HTML References are available as a 13MB download.  It requires about 
150MB unzipped.  You can download and unzip the reference on Windows, 
Mac, or Linux.  JavaScript is used in a browser to analyze SignWriting 
data encoded in BSW or UTF-8.  This document is the primary reference 
for the open standards of SignWriting.

The analysis data contains 2 main sections:
1) BaseSymbol Frequency
2) Sign and Punctuation Details

To get a quick example, return to the Binary SignWriting HTML Reference 
and press the "Analyze" button.

This is the data for "Hello world." in American Sign Language.  It 
demonstrates the data for spatial writing and sequential sorting.

For BaseSymbol Frequence, spatial counts are for symbols used on a 2D 
canvas for display, while sequential counts are for symbols used with 
sorting.  The BaseSymbol frequency counts tell you what was used and how.

Below the BaseSymbol Frequency, you'll find the Sign and Punctuation 
Details section.  This is a character by character analysis of the data 
broken into sign units and individual punctuation.

You can access the ISWA 2008 HTML Reference from the analysis sections 
by clicking on any ISWA 2008 symbol.

All of SignPuddle Online can be analyzed with the Binary SignWriting 
HTML Reference:

Look up any entry in any puddle and click on the Analyze BSW link.  You 
can analyze the UTF-8 as well, but some links are too long because the 
UTF-8 encoding is 3 times longer than the equivalent BSW data.

You can copy and paste BSW or UTF-8 into the text area to analyze any 
SignWriting you write or find.



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