Preparing for SignPuddle 2

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Fri Jan 29 19:44:27 UTC 2010

On 18/01/2010 9:17 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi List,
> In February, I'm going to start the update to SignPuddle 2.  The 
> primary change will be the switch to the SignWriting Image Server.  
> For the user interface, the new SignMaker and SignText will be most 
> apparent.
> On the back end, I'll be changing how I encode the data.  Instead of 
> XML and comma delimited data, I'll be using the open standard of 
> Binary SignWriting.  From a user's perspective, it doesn't matter how 
> the data is encoded.  From a programmer's perspective, the data 
> matters a lot.
> Last year, we had a nearly flawless transition from the previous 
> symbol set of the International MovementWriting Alphabet (IMWA) to the 
> latest symbol set of the International SignWriting Alphabet 2008 (ISWA 
> 2008).
> This year, we'll have the data change to Binary SignWriting.  I've 
> already written the conversion library and it appears to be working 
> great.  There is a single problem where people were using punctuation 
> in the spelling of a sign.  Punctuation should always be used by 
> itself and always in the middle lane.  The new data format and the new 
> SignText enforce the proper use of punctuation.
> I'm pleased with how the conversion is working.  I've added new links 
> to SignPuddle 1.5 you can see at the bottom of a sign's detail: view 
> and analyze.  Links are provided for sign and sign texts.  The data 
> can be encoded in BSW or UTF-8.  The UTF-8 can be used with Unicode, 
> but may require 3 times as much data to send online compared to BSW.
> The analysis page is very interesting.  It provides a readout of the 
> data.  It links every symbol to the ISWA 2008 HTML Reference Guide.  
> The analysis is not meant for reading, but for analyzing the data.
It's exciting to see how your projects are coming along.  The analysis 
and pages will be great tools for other programmers like myself to check 
to make sure they programs are implementing the  BSW and UTF-8 
correctly.  It's great to have something to check against and so easily 

Thanks so much

> Regards,
> -Steve
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