SignWriting Image Server for web servers, Windows, and Mac

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed May 12 17:42:19 UTC 2010

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May 12, 2010

Hello Charles!
Just use SignPuddle Online as is still there and we still use it everyday ;-)

SignPuddle Online

So go to the ASL Dictionary as always, and find the signs you want. Be sure to login as always, so you have all the editing features. And if you want to grab individual signs or sentences and are not sure how to do that I am happy to help you with that...In SignPuddle Online, there are some icons to the right of the signs, and click on Customize button to change the size or color of the sign, and then copy the sign to various programs...just as you did before...

So the new SignWriting Image Server (SWIS), which Steve announced yesterday, is a program that is used for something else - People like Adam, who are writing complete blogs in SignWriting, need the SignWriting Image Server because they are "serving a site" on the web, and programmers can use SWIS to base their new software on SWIS is more for programmers, but everyday SignWriting users like myself, will continue to use SignPuddle Online ;-)

And yes...the mail function still works and everything still works as before - nothing has changed in SignPuddle Online -

Val ;-)


On May 12, 2010, at 10:31 AM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Is there still a possibility of simply clipping a sign for use, for example, in a card, or a dictionary, without going through this assembler?  If one wants to pick particular signs, arrange them in a specific order and not go through this particular publisher, how does one do it.
> Does the mail function still work?
> Charles
> From: Steve Slevinski <slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET>
> Sent: Wed, May 12, 2010 10:07:32 AM
> Subject: Re: SignWriting Image Server for web servers, Windows, and Mac
> Hi Adam,
> The column.php script produces an image.  The columns.php script is an example HTML page.  The iframe may be your best option, but here are 2 additional options.
> First, the column.php script takes an optional "col" attribute.  By default, "col" is equal to 1, the first column.  If you knew how many columns were in the sign text, you could duplicate the image code with the same BSW code and only need to modify the "col" attribute.  For example, if a sign text had 3 columns, you could use 3 images, all with the same BSW, but add "&col=2" for the second column and "&col=3" for the third.
> Another option is to code in PHP.  Open the "columns.php" script and take a look.  It's not very long.  The 2 most important lines are...
> $st = new SignText($bsw,$size,$height);
> $cols = $st->getCols();
> The $cols variable is a simple array of BSW.  This automatically splits the BSW up into segments for the "column.php" image script.  It does the same thing that you were doing by hand.
> Regards,
> -Steve

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