Data exchange with SignPuddle Markup Language

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Thu May 20 18:23:38 UTC 2010

Hi List,

I'm requesting comments on an early draft for SignPuddle Markup Language 
(SPML), a data exchange format for SignPuddle 2.  This format is 
compatible with current SignPuddle data. 

In simple terms, a puddle is filled with entires.  Each entry can have 
multiple items.  Each item has a defined language and can have a name, 
text, and a source.  Here is an abbreviated example for an entry from 
the ASL Dictionary.

<entry id="29">
  <item lang="ase">
    <src>Valerie Sutton</src>
  <item lang="en">
    <src>Valerie Sutton</src>
  <item lang="en">
    <src>Valerie Sutton</src>

The DTD is available for review: (0.5 

I have converted the ASL/English user interface: (25 KB).

I have converted the ASL/English dictionary puddle: (3.6 MB).

I have converted the ASL/English literature puddle: (905 KB).

Since these files are text, they can be compressed by 70% to 80%.  The 
entire ASL/English dictionary puddle is only (570 KB) when zipped.


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