Update from German Publisher: Birgit Jacobsen

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon May 24 18:18:58 UTC 2010

SignWriting List
May 24, 2010

Hello SignWriting List Members:

For your information...

The publishing company in Germany, which publishes SignWriting books and posters, has changed its name and web site address:

It is:

Verlag Birgit Jacobsen

Their products:

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Stefan's Textbook: The SignWriting Handbook, Das Handbuch der GebaerdenSchrift

And I love the poster that includes Stefan's SpeechWriting (Mundbildschrift)

I will be updating all our links now, on the SignWriting Site, to match these new links -

Congratulations, Birgit, on the beautiful new site!

Val ;-)

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