Data exchange with SignPuddle Markup Language

Adam Frost icemandeaf at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 25 21:51:25 UTC 2010

Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to this, but I also see  
that no one else has made any comments. ;-)

This all looks good to me except that every item has a source. Unless  
I am missing something, it seems to be very redundant since SignPuddle  
only has the one source for the entire entry. Maybe <src> should be  
moved up the tree because of that? What do you think? Although, part  
of me likes the idea that every item has its own source because it  
could be that different people add different items rather than it all  
being from one person. It just seems that SignPuddle doesn't make that  
distinction itself.


On May 20, 2010, at 11:23 AM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi List,
> I'm requesting comments on an early draft for SignPuddle Markup  
> Language (SPML), a data exchange format for SignPuddle 2.  This  
> format is compatible with current SignPuddle data.
> In simple terms, a puddle is filled with entires.  Each entry can  
> have multiple items.  Each item has a defined language and can have  
> a name, text, and a source.  Here is an abbreviated example for an  
> entry from the ASL Dictionary.
> <entry id="29">
> <item lang="ase">
>   <name>00800112f9c4f9d6011af9abf9de6640f9c6f9e570c4f9c6f9f4</name>
>   <src>Valerie Sutton</src>
> </item>
> <item lang="en">
>   <name>cannot</name>
>   <src>Valerie Sutton</src>
> </item>
> <item lang="en">
>   <name>can't</name>
>   <src>Valerie Sutton</src>
> </item>
> </entry>
> The DTD is available for review:  
> (0.5 KB).
> I have converted the ASL/English user interface: 
>  (25 KB).
> I have converted the ASL/English dictionary puddle: 
>  (3.6 MB).
> I have converted the ASL/English literature puddle: 
>  (905 KB).
> Since these files are text, they can be compressed by 70% to 80%.   
> The entire ASL/English dictionary puddle is only (570 KB) when zipped.
> Regards,
> -Steve

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