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Write what you use, and then label which language in the title or the name of the file.  The script works for any language.

If I am writing Catalonian, I wrote Catalonian, if I'm writing English, I use whatever dialect of English I happen to be writing in.  "Whatcha gonna do wi' it" is perfectly understandable English to someone from New Jersey.  Eu sabesse portugues, eu escrivei portugues.  Use whatever language you use, the more variants the better.  


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The request for new projects asks at this time for a Wikipedia in American Sign Language and a Wikipedia in Danish Sign Language. The incubator at the SignWriting Foundation allows for articles written in SignWriting in any sign language. 

For your information, SignWriting is the only script used for both casual and not so casual writing. It is a script to write in the language not a script to describe the use of the language.

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>> Given all the technical issues, I am of the opinion that a requirement for
>>> localisation can be waved. Sign languages with SignWriting would introduce
>>> the writing in lanes ie top to bottom with characters moving slightly to the
>>> right or left.
>>So what language deviate would the sign language be in? American Sign
>>Language? Australian Sign Language? British Sign Language?
>>What picture sets would be used (I know for example Australia has
>>about 4 depending on the situation where they are being used)?
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