Recording of Valerie Sutton's Presentation, Nov 10 2010, Tunisia

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that is fab! :D im pleased for you.

I am surprised you didnt have the headset with you - go and invest in one!
:-) Lots of good stuff out there at good prices.

You got friends who work in music and all stuff? If so, ask them for their
advice - which is the best etc.


On 10 November 2010 18:02, Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> November 10, 2010
> Hello SW List, Professor Jemni and Maher Jbali in Tunisia, Stefan, Erika,
> Bill and Yuri!
> Thank you for inviting me to speak today through Skype, Professor Jemni. It
> was a remarkable experience. I think the technicians did a great job to get
> the Skype to work.
> It was hard for me to hear, because of echos and also translators were
> translating into French and possibly other languages. I realize now that I
> need a headphone set, or a better way for me to present through Skype to
> larger crowds of people. Because the technicians told me to speak very
> loudly so they could hear me, I had to strain my voice to speak loudly and
> get very close to the computer screen to get near the built-in microphone on
> the top of the computer - so if I ever present at a conference through Skype
> again, I will try to be prepared with better audio equipment on my end...
> The Call Recorder software worked beautifully, Erika. Thank you so much for
> making this possible. Without Stefan's request for a recording, and your
> help with the software, the link below would not be possible.
> Below is a download link to the recording I made of my presentation - this
> will show you what I heard and saw -
> It is too long, I believe for YouTube, Yuri. It is over 13 minutes, and
> YouTube's limit is 10 minutes I believe...don't know how I would post it on
> YouTube because it is referring to slides in the PPT...but you can download
> it here with the PPT slides...
> Recording of Valerie Sutton's Presentation
> Here is a screen capture from the recording. I did it split-screen so you
> could see the room in Tunisia:
> <>
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