Looking for other teachers who teach bilingual documents to Deaf students

Gagnon et Thibeault atg at VIDEOTRON.CA
Wed Mar 21 15:04:54 UTC 2012

Difference between symbolsHi everyone,

       Centre Jules-Léger (a school for the deaf in Ottawa, Canada) will celebrate its 25th anniversary in May 2012.  The committee invited me to give a presentation.  During one hour,  i will talk about the bridge between a written LSQ (SW) and a written French.

       I am looking for a teacher who would explain how to deal with bilingual documents (written sign language and  written spoken language), how to improve the biliteracy in both the spoken language and the signed language for Deaf students "EVERYDAY" (not sometimes).  Does anyone know names of the teacher?  Could the teacher speak English or French?

    I know Stefan Woehrmann.  I am looking for other teachers.   Does anyone know James Kegl's email address?

    Best regards,

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