Test sentences to practice SignWriting

Arthaey Angosii arthaey at GMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 29 20:41:32 UTC 2012

Are there any test sentences/paragraphs that are SignWriting pangrams?
That is, something I could practice writing that has been carefully
chosen to exhibit all the symbols available (or at least all the
*classes* of symbols, anyway)? I don't just mean all the handshapes,
orientations, locations, and movements, but also grammatical things
like statements/questions/commands, marking something as the topic,

I ask because such a practice paragraph would be great for learners of
SignWriting. But I also ask because I'm developing my own simplified
handwriting and want to make sure that the shortcuts I'm taking won't
paint me into a corner later when trying to write something more
complex than what I've written so far.


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