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Edi Strouhal e.strouhal at GMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 8 21:28:36 UTC 2012

Hi, I'm Edi Strouhal. I am from Slovenia. I'm a catholic priest, not a teacher 
nor professor. In Slovenian catholic Church I am a leader of several deaf 
Catholic community. Recently, in our community I was presented that we can 
write sign language in sign writing. They were surprised and impressed. Among 
the other of my duty, I would like to start our deaf members teach Slovenian 
Sutton Sign Writing. We will started January 2013. In Slovenian Association of 
the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people is Sutton Sign Writing known, but they 
are not interested of it. In Slovenia, education of the deaf are mainly in oral 
teaching method. Only in one school for deaf children (in Ljubljana) use sign 
language and oral method at the same time. Unfortunately in other schools for 
deaf neither teachers nor lecturers do not speak sign language. Thank to God, 
in Slovenia we have a State institution “Council of Slovenian Sign Language” 
which is responsible for developing and maintaining Slovenian sign language. 
Because I'm a priest, I can not be a member of any state institutions, even 
when it comes to the development of Slovenian sign language, because in our 
state church are separate from the state. This situation is a result of the post-
communist system in our country which ended 20 years ago but let the 
consequences. Despite the fact that I am a priest of the Catholic Church I'm 
really interested, that we must for deaf people and with deaf people to do all 
what we can. I am aware that some teachers and educators in Slovenia will 
strongly opposed to this, that we teach deaf people to write sign language in 
Sutton Sign Writing, because as they say, the deaf must learn Slovenian 
standard language to facilitate their integration into society of hearing people. 
Despite the fact that the deaf was educated in Slovenian standard language, 
at the end of educated process, only a few deaf mastered the standard 
Slovenian language, because they still use the logic of Slovenian sign language 
and not a logic of speaking Slovenian standard language. Therefore, in our 
church community  we will start with courses of Sutton Sign Writing.
After this long presentation, I have some questions for you.
1.	Do you recommend that would be required to obtain a license for 
teaching Slovenian Sutton Sign Writing? Maybe it will be better to have this 
2.	If license was required, I am interested what can I do for obtaining a 
license and at what address should I contact?
3.	In Slovenian Sign Puddle I create Slovenian sign language dictionary. 
When I am writing it happen to me some errors which unfortunately I notice 
after a few days. But then I can not change written sign words. Please, how 
can I enter to a program to modify existing wrong signed words? Is there a 
need for any special license? Who should be responsible for the Slovenian sign 
dictionary? I am the first one which start to create dictionary of Slovenian 
Sign language. Is it necessary to obtain copyright in order to make Slovenian 
dictionary better and clean from errors?

For  now it is all from me. I hope that you will receive my e-mail and read it. 
Thanks for your replies and your advice. Greetings from Slovenia! Edi Strouhal.

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