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August 8, 2014

Hello Jacs!
So glad to see this posting about your new book. Thank you for writing the book, and thank you for informing us about it.

Congratulations on its publication...

Since our SW List includes sign language teachers from different countries, perhaps you can explain to all of us…what does DIY mean?

And I looked at the preview of your book:

and it looks very tempting - I am sure others will agree - I hope to place a link to it on our SignWriting web site when I get the chance - 

And thank you for your thank you to me in the book - I notice you mentioned the Green books from the 1990s - I didn’t realize they are still used but they played an important role in our work at the Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting years ago - I like the Green books -

So write again to tell us what DIY means -

and thanks again for writing -

Val ;-)

On Aug 8, 2014, at 4:08 PM, Jacalyn Marosi <Jacalyn_Marosi at> wrote:

> Valerie suggested I post info about my new text on this listserv since it includes SignWriting. :) I recently published a student workbook that teachers are requiring their advanced ASL students to purchase for classes. It's a student workbook that is basically a template for a DIY ASL dictionary. It's wildly helpful for students learning new vocabulary because they are documenting the concepts as they learn them. Here's the official description: This workbook is intended for advanced ASL students to individually fill-in ASL vocabulary signs as they are learned to create a personal dictionary. Included in this book are directions on how to utilize the transcriptions system, SignWriting techniques and examples to guide the vocabulary entries. Also included is a small section for a handshape thesaurus, an index to keep the dictionary organized, and reference charts commonly used in advanced ASL courses. Bookstores can order it, it can be purchased through the publisher direct
 ly, or carries it. Here are the links to the preview and purchase site of my publisher: A Preview of the text can be downloaded from the site if you follow this link: Purchase from the Publisher: It is also available on at this link. And here is a discount codes I've set up for advertizing purposes if purchased through my publisher: 10% off: PWRB93JM. I have another code that is worth $10 off the price that I'll give to individual people or for those who ask for it. Thanks for your time- I hope you like my work! Jacs Jacalyn W. Marosi M.Ed., NIC., CI. American Sign Language Instructor North Idaho College ________________________________________________



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