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André L andre-andre at HOTMAIL.CA
Sat Aug 16 19:58:52 UTC 2014

My main interest is to have access to as much projects, papers, software and material as possible.  I see the symposium as a mean to develop momentum, not as a finality.  We could have continuous sharing of material with or without the symposium.
I think that pre-recorded video presentations are simpler.  Each individual turns on the camera and records with Windows movie maker and then submits the video to a pre-determined address.  The text is also prepared in advance.  Because the video is not interactive, the text is accurate.  It is simpler to translate because it is already written and pre-determined.
There could be a discussion added after the display of the video.
It would be like people having a vlog on youtube.  In a shared account, several people could contribute.  
A permanent drop box account would receive documents throughout the year.  Such documents would be reviewed and moved to a read only dopbox available to all throughout the year.   This would be simpler than updating web pages.
The dropbox could have several folders: draft, submitted, approved, translated...  each divides in categories.
I am concerned that if software developer focus on the symposium tool; it may delay other signwriting projects.  it depends on how big this project is...
André Lemyre


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