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Maria De Marsico demarsico at DI.UNIROMA1.IT
Wed Aug 27 09:22:22 UTC 2014

Dear all,
we are addressing the problem of transcribing signed videos in SignWriting.
Unfortunately, when automatically processing single frames, we cannot use
any previous knowledge of the content. For this reason, in oprder to
reliably reproduce face expresions through the corresponding glyphs, we
would need a kind og "glossary". i.e., a table of correspondence between
real face images and glyphs.
Do you know if something of this kind is already available?



Maria De Marsico
Assistant professor
Sapienza University of Rome
Department of Computer Science
Via Salaria 113 - 00198 Rome - Italy
email: demarsico at di.uniroma1.it
tel: +39 06 49918312



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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