[Sw-l] Preview of the new SignMaker 2015

Stephen E Slevinski Jr slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Mar 18 18:46:58 UTC 2015

On 3/17/15 2:18 PM, Madson Barreto wrote:
> Hi, Steve,
> Actually, is possible copy the signs writen in SignMaker (new) and paste them on the
> Microsoft Word or other Text Editor in a computer that has the SignWriting fonts installed?

Hi Madson,

Good question and good idea.  I wish I had an easy answer, but it is 
currently technical.  I will keep this in mind and try to make something 
easier to use.

The new SignMaker uses the font inside of an SVG image.  The only way I 
was able to insert a sign image into a document involved saving an 
individual SVG as a file, and then inserting an image into the document 
using the SVG file.  Once inserted into a document, it was possible to 
enlarge or shrink the SVG image without loss in clarity.

To make this easier, there are 2 alternatives I can try.  The first is 
straight forward.  Instead of using SVG, I can use the font to create a 
PNG image of the signs.  This function is already available in the 
"SignWriting 2010 Javascript Library". The PNG image would act and 
behave the same as any other image on the web.  You could copy the image 
or save it to a file.  The main drawback is that the image quality is 
static.  If you try to enlarge the image, the quality will not scale as 
nicely as the SVG.

The second option involves wrapping the SVG  with an HTML IMG tag. I'll 
need to experiment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of this 
approach.  The primary drawback is that you can not use CSS rules to 
change an SVG when it is wrapped in an IMG tag.  This means that the 
preference setting of white signs on a black background could not be 
done using the CSS rules.




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