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Fri Jan 29 04:09:04 UTC 2016

Hello everyone!

I amamazed at using Rand Keyboard! I am also thankful to Wikipedia for allowing usto record articles for generations to come!
I amde my third article entitled "Abou Kacem Chebbi"....

He isthe most famous Tunisian poet, sadly he died when he was 24 years old, but hewrote too many poems which were a new phase

inArabic poems innovation and a cutting with the past with old arabic poems!
His great poems influenced too many writers, peoms, singers and NATIONS allover the world.

OurTunisian Hymn contains two verses of his poems:

When thepeople will to live,

Destinymust surely respond.

Oppressionshall then vanish.

Fettersare certain to break.

I wishone day I can translate some of them into Tunisian Sign Language!

I am still struggling with images inserting into Wikipedia. By now I leant Iinsert images, and I can see them well placed into the texts,

but whenclicking on "save page" which is at left appearing in blue color,nothing happens, and the picture is not saved!
What shall I do?
Thank you!

Link to the page (without image)




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