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I am developing a series of lessons for a class at Howard based on EXPRESSIVE videos and Photographs. The photos are all of hands from EXPRESSIVE (like teaching knitting) so that the SignWriting does not have to be flipped in the person's mind from a RECEPTIVE photo or instruction to an Expressive writing. Here is lesson 1, tell me what you think. 
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Thank you, Diego, for this earlier question:
On Apr 4, 2018, at 12:49 PM, Dale Spoor <dale.spoor27 at gmail.com> wrote:As a former (now retired) teacher, l know that we will need to develop a set of lesson plans to teach this.  I'm interested in having a recommendation from you about where to obtain a book that I can use for this.  Or, even better, if there is a book available that goes through the signs (for hand, face, eyes, movements, etc.) that is very basic, perhaps designed for children that would work. From that I can develop a curriculum in Spanish to use.



SignWriting Basic Instruction Manual in English & ASLby Valerie Suttonhttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/index.html#SWBasics
SignWriting Basic Instruction Manual in Portuguese & ASLby Valerie Sutton, translated into Portuguese by Rafaela de Silvahttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/Portuguese.html
SignWriting Basic Instruction Manual in Spanish & Honduran Sign Languageby Valerie Sutton, translated into Spanish & Honduran Sign Language by Jonathan Duncanhttp://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs11/sw1002_SignWriting_Basics_Instruction_Manual_Sutton_Spanish_HondurasSignLanguage.pdf
Lessons in SignWriting Textbook in English & ASLby Valerie Suttonhttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/index.html#LessonsSW
Lessons in SignWriting Textbook in Portuguese & Librasbased on Valerie Sutton's book, translated and written by Marianne Stumpfhttp://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs5/sw0472-BR-Licoes-SignWriting.pdf
ASL Hand Symbols Manualby Adam Frosthttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/index.html#ASLHands
SignWriting Hand Symbols Manual for the ISWA 2010by Valerie Sutton & Adam Frosthttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/index.html#ISWAHands
SignWriting Lessons from Spain in English & Spanish Sign Language (LSE)by Steve & DIanne Parkhursthttp://www.signwriting.org/lessons/books/index.html#SWLessonsSpain
SignWriting Lessons from Spain in Spanish & Spanish Sign Language (LSE)by Steve & DIanne Parkhursthttp://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs5/sw0494-SignoEscritura-Parkhurst-ES-LSE.pdf
A Cross-Linguistic Guide to SignWriting in English and Spanish Sign Language (LSE)by Steve & Dianne Parkhursthttp://www.signwriting.org/archive/docs7/sw0617_Cross_Linguistic_Guide_SignWriting_Parkhurst.pdf
Val ;-)
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