Ralf-Stefan Georg Georg at home.ivm.de
Wed Apr 7 13:44:07 UTC 1999

>> >With "Ourmouk" as the only hint in your question I find it impossible to
>> >answer. You should give some more information (if you have any). A short
>> >look into the literature I have did not give any result. Saying this I do
>> >not claim that the possible language in question does not exist.
>> It reminds me of Kalmuk, a Turkic language. It also reminds me of Gurmukhi,
>> the name of the script used to write Punjabi.

>I propose it to be a simple spelling mistake, it should be Udmurt,
>nothing else...
>Prof. dr. C.Th.Hasselblatt

Or Omok, one of the extinct varieties of Yukaghir, or Urum, the language of
Turkified Greeks, or /Irmak/, Turkish for "river" (;-), or pretty much
anything. We all could be of greater help if we knew more about the context
where this enigmatic language name popped up in the first place ...


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