urmukki ? (jatk.)

mmjocelyne fernandez-vest mmjfv at ext.jussieu.fr
Wed Apr 7 15:48:04 UTC 1999

>>> >With "Ourmouk" as the only hint in your question I find it impossible to
>>> >answer. You should give some more information (if you have any). A short
>>> >look into the literature I have did not give any result. Saying this I do
>>> >not claim that the possible language in question does not exist.
>>> It reminds me of Kalmuk, a Turkic language. It also reminds me of Gurmukhi,
>>> the name of the script used to write Punjabi.
>>I propose it to be a simple spelling mistake, it should be Udmurt,
>>nothing else...
>>Prof. dr. C.Th.Hasselblatt
It was my first reaction too, knowing how my French colleagues sometimes
produce original variants of the Finno-Ugric names.
        Mrs Rouzade is responsible for the Language Ph. D. administration
at Paris V University, so maybe she simply heard the name mentioned in a
jury, which she should be able to tell us when she can be met.

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