Silence of the lambs

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Sun Jan 24 06:54:27 UTC 1999

To answer your first question:

URA-LIST is now archived by the LINGUIST list, and the searchable database
should be up and running at

As for your second question, loanword researchers world-wide will have
more precise answers. Publications by Jorma Koivulehto should be of
interest here (although his ideas of very old IE loanwords with even IE
laryngeals represented in FU (proto)forms have been heavily disputed). In
a few months, there will - I hope - be a couple of books worth
recommending: the publication of the interdisciplinary symposium at Lammi,
"The Prehistoric Roots of the Population of Finland" (the symposium was
held in 1997, the publication was due in spring 1998, but the authors
haven't even seen the proofs yet...), and another book consisting of
articles by (more or less) the same people on the same themes (I have
heard that it should be published by SKS, but I haven't even seen it
advertised yet).

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