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Subject: Book query

Dear colleagues,

I hope I will be forgiven to use this list for a query of this kind, but
after the following titles turned out to be completely unfindable in all
the libraries I've turned to I think it best to turn to the experts.
The titles I'm desperately looking for are:

F.J. Wiedemann: Ueber die fr"uheren Sitze der tschudischen V"olker und ihre
Sprachverwandtschaft mit den V"olkern Mittelhochasiens, in:
Einladung zur "offentlichen Pr"ufung im hiesigen Gymnasium am 27sten und
28sten Juni 1838 von dem Oberlehrer der griechischen Sprache F. J.
Wiedemann, Reval 1838


Hermann, H.K.: Die Mandschusprache, verglichen mit dem Finnisch-Estnischen,
Dorpat 1881
(I think this one is a dissertation)

So, if anyone who has access to one or both of these titles (maybe some
Estonian colleague can help ?), I would be tremendously grateful if a way
could be found to send me a xerox. It goes without saying that I'm willing
to reciprocate this favour with any imaginable service of this kind.  I
expect the Wiedemann title to be rather short and, knowing about
end-of-19th century dissertations, the Hermann book not to be too long
The reason why I'm looking for these things is that I'm currently working
on the early history of *Altaic* studies, which is - of course - throughout
the 19th century inseperable from Uralistics. I don't expect Hermann to be
a major and breakthrough contribution to the subject, but for historical
reasons I do want to have a look at it (at least I want to find out whom he
studied with, whence he got his ideas etc.). Wiedemann, of course, was of a
different calibre and his statement may be important.


Stefan Georg

Stefan Georg
Heerstrasse 7
D-53111 Bonn

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