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Hyva  Johanna
Huomasin Corneliuksen viestia lukiessa, etta hajamielisyydestani johtuen en
ole kiinnittanyt huomiota siihen, etta olit toiminut Kazuton viestin
valittajana. Anteeksi! Kun en tieda, miten olet menetellyt, lahetan Sinulle
myos englanninkielisen version.
Parhain terveisin

Please note that the drevnepermskaja azbuka was, inasmuch we know, not a
Permian one. It was applied only for Komi and maybe only for Zyrian Komi.
Hence one should avoid Lytkin's and Baker's terms. I feel that Old Komi
were the best solution in that case because the English orthography has
caused too many problems for anyone who has ever tried to write about
non-Permyak Komi, cf. e.g. Zyryene ~ Zyryen ~ Ziryene ~Ziryen ~ Zyrian etc.
Tiit-Rein Viitso
viitso at

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Robin Baker uses "Old Permian writing" , "Old Permian
translations" etc. so may-be Old Permian alphabet? Cf. FUF 45
(1983), pp.82-106
Cornelius Hasselblatt
Prof. dr. C.Th.Hasselblatt
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Faculteit der Letteren / Finoegristiek
Postbus 716
NL-9700 AS Groningen
tel: +31-50-3637481 / prive +31-[0]6-50605686
fax: +31-50-3635821
e-mail: C.Th.Hasselblatt at

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