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>Why not call it 'anbur', after the (Komi) names for the first two letters
>(in anburic, i.e. alphabetic, order)?

Interesting proposal, but I don't think it will fly. Most literature calls
it Old Permic, though interestingly, Harald Haarmann states » Um 1375 schuf
Stefan von Perms das altsyrjänische Alphabet, die sogenannte Abur-Schrift,
in der religiöse Literatur bis ins 17. Jahrhundert aufgezeichnet wurde «.
But to my knowledge Haarmann is the only one to call it this (note that he
says abur but you said anbur).

"Kirillic^eskaja azbuka" is 'Cyrillic alphabet' so "komi abur" could just
as well be "Old Permic". One can say the "English aybeecee" but of course
we use the Greek < Phoenician word alphabet....

I'm not sure what the objection to "Permic" is since the Bishop of Perm
invented it. Does "Permic" refer to a language specifically?

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