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Mon Dec 4 10:11:46 UTC 2000

Dear Uralists,

at the bottom of my mail box, I found a message from more than a month ago,
announcing the new programmes broadcast in Mari and Udmurt by the Finnish
YLE. Fortunately, they will be continued in this winter at least, so that
the following information (translated from what Marja Lappalainen from the
Castren Society, marja.lappalainen at, sent to the Finnish
ural-lista) is still valid, I hope.

The contents in brief:

Uzy Druzhby (Ties of Friendship) will be broadcast in 2000-2001 in Mari or
Udmurt (each language every second week). The programme is edited jointly by
YLE, the Castren Society and the University of Turku. The FU parts have been
translated by visiting students/researchers at the Finno-Ugric Department of
the University of Turku, Lidiya Matrosova (Mari) and Dmitri Efremov

Timetable (Finnish time, EET = GMT+2):

Friday 23.15 558 kHz, 6190 kHz
Saturday 5.40 on the satellite channels Hotbird 5, AsiaSat 2, Intelsat 707
Saturday 8.20 on shortwave 9745 kHz
Saturday 11.40, 21670 kHz and 17615 kHz
Saturday 16.15,  6180 kHz and 9835  kHz
Saturday 19.15, 6135 kHz
Sunday 8.19, 9745 kHz

The programmes also appear in the Web during the same day: the sound files
can be found from or

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