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Dear friends!

The Udmurt State University, Faculty of Udmurt Philology is planning to hold
3 weeks' summer courses in August 2001 for all who want to learn the Udmurt
language and get acquainted with the culture of the Udmurts.
The courses will be carried out in Udmurt in two directions: the Udmurt
language (practical lessons) and cultural studies (lectures on ethnography,
folklore, regional geography and Udmurt literature).
The administration of the faculty guarantees a high level of teaching,
interesting and various cultural program (museums, theatres, excursions).
The cost of the courses will be reported in January 2001.
Application forms are received from December 2000 till May 2001. Send your
applications to the address:
Chirkova Galina,  fudf at uni.udm.ru


Job (post you hold)
Date of birth
Languages you speak
Command of Udmurt
Address, fax, e-mail

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