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Kari Liukkonen, Baltisches im Finnischen. Mémoires de la Société
Finno-Ougrienne 235. Helsinki 1999. 178 p. (ISBN 952-5150-32-1)

In his new book, Kari Liukkonen, Docent of Slavonic and Baltic languages
(University of Helsinki), emphasizes the role of Baltic contacts in the
history of the Finnic languages and the (often neglected) importance of
Baltic studies to Fennistics. The book consists of 100 entries, presenting
new or reconsidered Baltic etymologies for 156 Finnish words.

Jorma Koivulehto, Verba mutuata. Quae vestigia antiquissimi cum Germanis
aliisque Indo-Europaeis contactus in linguis Fennicis
reliquerint. Mémoires de la Société Finno-Ougrienne 237. Helsinki
1999. 435 p. (ISBN 952-5150-36-4)

The Festschrift for Professor Jorma Koivulehto on the occasion of his 65th
birthday consists of previously published papers, with introductions and
additional remarks. The book presents many of the Indo-European
etymologies by Koivulehto and their theoretical implications: studies that
have profoundly changed many views on Finnic prehistory.

Reet Kasik & Leena Huima (eds.), 75 vuotta viroa Helsingin
yliopistossa. Castrenianumin toimitteita 56. Helsinki 1999. 159 p. (ISBN

The first Estonian lecturer¹s post at the University of Helsinki was
founded in 1923, and the first lecturer to be appointed was the linguist
and poet Willem Grünthal-Ridala. In November 1998, the Department of
Finno-Ugrian studies organised a seminar to celebrate the 75th anniversary
of Estonian studies in Helsinki. Among the invited speakers were almost
all former lecturers. The papers published in this book, in Finnish and
Estonian, cover a wide area of Estonian studies, from contrastive and
applied linguistics to Estonian literature.

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