FUPA support

Michael Everson everson at egt.ie
Thu Sep 28 11:20:46 UTC 2000

I would like to acknowledge the support sent in by numerous members of this
discussion list for the addition of the FUPA to the Universal Character Set.

Having said that, we already knew that it is a good idea. The task we have
before us is to ensure the technical suitability of the proposal. Klaas
Ruppel, Trond Trosterud, and I have a great deal of experience in coding
issues, but it is important that the user community review the proposal to
ensure that all the needs are met.

The current draft will be revised shortly, because I have been discussing
the proposal with Ken Whistler, Technical Director of the Unicode
Consortium, about the proposal Klaas, Trond, and I made on 1999-07-29.

URA-LIST readers may wish to learn that SUS supported the development of
the 1999 draft with a grant made to myself, which I would like to
acknowledge here with grateful thanks.

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