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Fri Nov 30 10:15:00 UTC 2001

Dear Uralists,

forwarded (with the risk of cross-postings), an announcement of grants
(preferably smaller ones) for projects in support of endangered languages.
Please consult the addresses mentioned below for more information - and
seize the opportunity!


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Betreff: ELL: Foundation for Endangered Languages: Call for Proposals

The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting proposals for
projects of work that will support, enable or assist the documentation,
protection or promotion of one or more endangered languages.

Please pass on this announcement to your friends and colleagues in
language communities who may not have access to Ogmios, the Internet or

Form for Submissions

There is a form that defines the content of appropriate proposals, which is
accessible at the Foundation's website: http://www.ogmios.org. It may also
obtained from Blair A. Rudes, BARudes at email.uncc.edu, Department of English,
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 9201 University City
Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina 28223-0001, USA, fax +1-704-687-3961.

All proposals must be submitted in this form, to ensure comparability.


The time-limit for proposals to be considered in the current round will be
the 31st of January 2002.  By that date, proposals and supporting
testimonials must reach Blair A. Rudes, at the address specified in the

The FEL Committee will announce its decision before the 31st of March 2002.

Three points to note especially:

1. The Foundation's funds are extremely limited and it is not anticipated
that any award will be greater than US $1,000. Smaller proposals stand a
better chance of funding.
2. Where possible, work undertaken within endangered language communities
themselves will be preferred.
3. The Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) is a separate from the
Endangered Language Fund (ELF) (www.haskins.yale.edu). It is perfectly
possible (and has indeed occurred in the past) that the same project can be
partially funded by both FEL and ELF.
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