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Helimski <helimski at public.uni-hamburg.de> wrote:

> A short comment to Fejes László's second remark: One must not forget the
> basic distinction between vocabulary frequency (meant by Csúcs) and text
> frequency (meant by Lytkin). It seems to be universal that older words have
> elevated text frequencies. Hungarian with vocabulary frequency of the words
> of PU/PFU/PUg origin and their derivatives below 10% and their text
> frequencies usually much above 50%, esp. in colloquial speech (I am sure
> only about the order of figures and do not have exact estimates at hand) is
> a fine example.
> Besides, I'd warn against transforming the topic "Disinformaten on Uralic"
> into "Unsolved problems of General Linguistics" (see Fejes László's first
> remark).
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