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> The Mari language and culture courses for foreigners organized by the Mari State University and finno-ugric staff chair. Known there are two standards of the Mari language: Meadow (Midland) and Hill (Highland). Among 700.000 Maries 340.000 speak its Highland dialect and all the rest speak Midland.
> The course expenses are:
> $350              for students and unemployed
> $450              for other social groups.
> Teaching is offored in Russian, English, Finnish, Estonian, French and German. Lectures on Mari culture, religion, folklore are in the programme of the courses.
> The courses will be held July 7-21, 2002 with the groups no less than 10 people.
> Deadline for registration: April 10,2002.
> Fee payment bank account                                            or upon arrival.
> For more information please, visit annsem at
> Yours sincerely,
>                                                           Y.Anduganov
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> Best regards,
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