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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
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They say that "qui tacit consentire", the silent one consents, but in
this instance I must ask you please, to send me or Klaas or Trond

[** moderator's note: Michael Everson: everson at evertype.com; Klaas Ruppel:
klaas.ruppel at kotus.fi; Trond Trosterud: trond.trosterud at hum.uit.no **]

some kind of response. I assure you, any and all of the possible
responses below are PERFECTLY OK, but no response at all makes us

1. I have read the FUPA proposal

[** moderator's note: downloadable in PDF format at
http://www.evertype.com/standards/iso10646/pdf/fupa-2002-01-30.pdf **]

and think it is comprehensive and adequate.

2. I have read the FUPA proposal but I do not understand it and am
not going to try to because it is not my area of expertise or because
I am busy.

3. I don't have time to read the FUPA proposal but this kind of
development is best left to experts like you three.

4. I have read the FUPA proposal and I think you left out the
sideways ezh. (There is, in fact, no sideways ezh.)

5. I have read the FUPA proposal and think that it is fine but I
don't think the questions about palatalization are completely
answered because .....

6. I can't read PDF files and need paper copy.

There is a serious deadline here if we want to encode these
characters in Unicode. Please give this your attention if it is
possible, or tell us that you cannot. We won't blame anyone for
saying No, and we won't tell anyone else either. :-)
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Moderator's note: Questions you consider could benefit from further
discussion, that is, responses of the type 4 or 5 above, are VERY WELCOME on
URA-LIST as well!

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