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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Mon Feb 18 13:13:53 UTC 2002

Dear Uralists,

forwarded (below, in English), a message which I would like to welcome on this list as well, because of the "minor" phonological question (the status of the affricates) which is also a technical encoding problem.


johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at


Jouni J Kortesharju <kortesha at cc.helsinki.fi> wrote:

> Xel'sinkisë kavto tyozhat omboce ien' davolgovon' kemgavksovoce chistë /
> Helsingissä helmikuun kahdeksantenatoista kaksituhattakaksi
> "- - in this instance I must ask you please, to send me or Klaas or Trond
> some kind of response."
> I have cursorily skimmed through the PDF file presenting your FUPA
> proposal. Unfortunately I have no possibility to study it really
> thorougly. I have each and every reason to believe that you are working
> at least as hard and perfectionistically as I would, should I have the
> skills needed.
> 	One minor question I do have:
> 	Have you considered the possibility that somebody might use, in
> the same text, the "latin small letter ezh" for voiced affricates and the
> "latin letter small capital d" + "latin letter small capital z"
> combination for their semi-voiced, or media, counterparts? From a certain
> point of view, this means that the "latin letter small capital d + z
> combination" should be encoded as a separate character (just as Klaas has
> pointed out that there should be a separate Unicode character "SS" for
> writing German). - I hope I put it comprehensively enough.
> If you prefer one of Michael Everson's ready-to-use answers, mine is
> either the first or the third (pick the one most useful for your
> purposes):
> > 1. I have read the FUPA proposal and think it is comprehensive and
> > adequate.
> > 3. I don't have time to read the FUPA proposal but this kind of
> > development is best left to experts like you three.
> Jouni Kortesharju
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