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Regretfully, I have sad news again.

Kazimir Labanauskas, editor of numerous collections of Northern Samoyedic
(Nenets, Nganasan, Enets) folklore texts and author of many studies on
temporal forms in Northern Samoyedic (published mostly in SFU/LU), died on
October 31 in Dudinka (Taimyr). Born in Lithuania, Labanauskas - after
taking a postgraduate course in Moscow - has chosen to live among the people
whose languages and cultures he studied, and spent 33 years in the North,
often staying many months in Nenets villages or nomad camps.

Here is the message that came today from Dudinka:

Soobschajem pechal'noje izvestije.

31 oktiabria skonchalsia Kazimir Labanauskas. Pohorony 5 nojabria.
Sobolieznovanija napravliajte po e-mail ili po adresu

647000 Dudinka ul. Schorsa 7 Taimyrskij okruzhnoi centr narodonogo

Zam. direktora             Dobzhanskaya O.

Tel. (39111) 2-49-59, 2-24-48

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