Obituary: A. I. Kuz'mina

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Angelina Ivanovna Kuz=B4mina, a leading representative of the Dulson =
School of Samoyedological studies, died in Novosibirsk on Oktober 16, =
2002 (born on March 24, 1924).

Since 1961 Angelina Kuz=B4mina conducted extensive field-work among the =
speakers of Selkup, having visited almost all places where this language =
could still be heard. She was the last one - and in some cases the only =
one - to record materials of many Southern Selkup local dialects which =
are today already extinct.

In 2001 she handed over most unpublished Selkup materials from her =
collection (written and tape records: folklore texts, lexical and =
grammatical data) to the Institute of Finno-Ugric / Uralic Studies in =

Requiescat in pace.

E. Helimski

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