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Answer to Esa-Jussi Salminen comments about the "mordvinian passiveness"

The discussion, now to be transferred to the Ura-List, was already eagerly
discussed on the ugri-mugri list for some days. EJS seems to forget, that
participating is an act of free will. What is the deeper meaning of his
statement? Does he blackmail? If the Mordvinians won't come, all the other
children won't play any longer with them? I sense a bit of playground logic
in this! And the first version of ejs mail on the ugri-mugri list, which of
course is not quoted in his mail on the Ura-List, makes me feel this logic
again. The original e-mail was called "Mordvalaiset luuserit"... I think,
this needs no further comments.

Best wishes from Tartu,

Florian Siegl <florian.siegl at>

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