Mordvinian passiveness

Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at
Sun Sep 8 18:23:11 UTC 2002

Only comments in ugri-mugri list was about my using the name Mordvin. I was
told that instead of that names like erzia, moksha and shoksha should be
My statement has 2 deeper meanings:

1. It seams to me quite clearly now that Mordvinians don't fit to pattern
of the 4 considerably well doing finn-ugric nations in the middle of Russia
(MOrdvin, KOmi, Mari and Udmurt), because with 3 criterion used it is far
less taking part in international finn-ugric activiness and co-operation
than the others 3:
I. Mordvians don't participate in the most important conferences or
less than others.
II. In Saransk no important big international finn-ugric conferences are
held (compare Syktyvkar FU --85, Ifusco -99, Joshkar-Ola FU -05, Izhevsk
Idna festival -02, Symposium on deictic... -01, (planned Ifusco -01).
III. No courses of national language are held for foreigners (compare Maris
and Udmurts)
I wanted sipmly to point to this thought of mine thinking that it would be
useful to somebody who maybe will write about finn-ugric peoples today or
start to research the policy of finn-ugric republics of Russia in the field
of international co-operation.
It's quite possibly that Mordvins are very active in other ways.

2. With this I'm not telling that Mordvians are bad. It would be great if
Mordvians would arrange courses, conferences and participate in conferences.
 I'm waiting for it.
As mentioned in the other list the word luuserit was a mistakeof mine, I
apology for using it.

Esa-Jussi Salminen <e-j.salminen at>

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