Symposium: Grammar & Context in Uralic

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Thu Apr 3 12:43:37 UTC 2003

>From Márta Csepregi & the organising committee <konteksti at>:

The Finno-Ugric Department (Finnugor Tanszék)
at the University of Budapest (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem)
will organize a symposium on Grammar and Context
New Approaches to the Uralic Languages
to be held in Budapest, Hungary, April 47, 2004

Theme of the symposium and official languages:
The objective of the symposium is to bring together linguists interested in
the relation between the so-called pragmatic aspects and the grammatical
aspects of language, i.e. the relation between extralinguistic situations
and language as a set of systems and/or how this relation between language
and context can be seen in actual language use. We invite papers on this
theme from a synchronic or a diachronic perspective. Your specific topic can
be approached, for example, from the point of view of text linguistics,
conversational analysis, translation studies, language learning and teaching
or studies in the use of  a second/foreign language. Any other approach is
naturally also invited as long as the focus is on the relation between
grammar and context in a Uralic language.
        The official languages of the symposium are Hungarian, Finnish,
Estonian, English, German and Russian. Abstracts, however, should be written
in English. They will be published on the web pages of the symposium.

Invited speakers:
Johanna Laakso, Fenno-Ugric Department, University of Vienna
Marja-Leena Sorjonen, Research Institute for the Languages of Finland,

Plenary papers given by the invited speakers (45 min)
Section papers given by other participants (20 min + 10 min for discussion)

Preliminary registration:
Please send us your preliminary registration by April 30, 2003, and include
the following information: name, department/university, e-mail address, mail
address, telephone number, preliminary topic of the paper, need for
accomodation. You can register by e-mail (konteksti at ) or by
ordinary mail (Grammatika és kontextus ELTE Finnugor tanszék H-1364
Budapest, Pf. 107.).

The deadline for submission of abstracts (max 500 words) is November 30,
2003. They should be written in English and sent by e-mail to the following
address: konteksti at The abstracts should be sent as part of
an e-mail message, not as an attachment. If, however, the use of e-mail is
totally impossible, the abstract can be sent by ordinary mail to the
following address: Grammatika és kontextus ELTE Finnugor tanszék H-1364
Budapest, Pf. 107.). Please indicate clearly in which language (Hungarian,
Finnish, Estonian, English, German, Russian) the paper will be given.

Further information about the registration fee, the web pages, the social
programme and other details will be given in the first circular in June,

Organizing Comittee:
Márta Csepregi, András Bereczki, Ferenc Havas, Kata Kubínyi, Yrjö Lauranto
and Marja Seilonen

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest in the spring of 2004!

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