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Dear Uralists,

forwarded from the URAL-LISTA list, with usual apologies, some information
about a new Department for Northern European history at the University of
Petrozavodsk. The text below is in English, a Russian version can be
downloaded from http://www.hut.fi/u/jkuokkal/v/Nordic_Studies_at_PetrSU.doc.

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Dear coleagues,

This is to inform you that a new department, Chair of History of Northern
Europe, has been recently established at the Faculty of History,
Petrozavodsk State University. This new institutional unit aims at keeping
on research and educational activity of the Unit For Nordic Studies (also
known as 'Laboratory'). The latter, as a part of the Department of General
History of PetrSU had been established in 1992 and headed till 1999 by
Professor Leo Suni, since then by Associate Professor Ilja Solomeshch.

Current Staff:

  a.. Irina Takala, head of the department, Associate Professor
(irina.takala at onego.ru)

  b.. Leo Suni, Professor (suni at karelia.ru)

  a.. Ilja Solomeshch, Associate Professor (isol at mainpgu.karelia.ru)

  b.. Elena Dubrovskaja, Associate Professor (dubrovskaya at krc.karelia.ru)

  c.. Juri Suvorov, Associate Professor (suvorov at mainpgu.karelia.ru)

  d.. Igor Melnikov, Associate Professor

  e.. Irina Lesnikova, secretary (lesn at mainpgu.karelia.ru)

The new department has as its main goals

  a.. training graduate students specialising in the fields of history,
culture and languages of the Nordic countries (15-20 students are admitted
  b.. post-graduate training (2-3 post-graduate students annually),
  c.. maintaining research and educational cooperation with partner
institutions in Russia and abroad, including academic mobility, visiting
lectureships etc.,
  d.. rendering consultative and expert services in the field of Nordic
studies, regional studies and related matters

It was also found relevant to keep on with the 'Laboratory' as a flexible
research unit with rather considerable record of projects fulfilled during
last ten years, and therefore it is now affiliated to the Department of
History of Northern Europe.

Attached file contains some extra information in Russian.

With the very best vernal wishes,

Ilja Solomeshch
Associate Professor
Department of History of Northern Europe
Petrozavodsk State University
33, Lenin St., Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation
phone: +7(8142)711082
fax:      +7(8142)711000
E-mail: isol at mainpgu.karelia.ru

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