Symposium: Saami and Scandinavians

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Dear Johanna,
I received the information on this symposium from Johanna Domokos (now LA).
I am not sure whether it was once distributed also via UraList - and forward
it therefore, quoting you, "with usual apologies for cross-postings".

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> >Saami and Scandinavians - Aspects of 2000 years of contact
> >
> >Symposium, October 24-25, 2003, Nordeuropa-Institut at Humboldt
> >University, Berlin
> >
> >
> >The Nordeuropa-Institut invites you to participate in an
> >symposium about "Saami and Scandinavians - Aspects of 2000 years of
> >
> >Saami-Scandinavian contacts have long been an attractive field of study.
> >The results of the contacts have often been examined only with respect to
> >the impact on the culture and society of the Saami minority, back-pushed
> >to the northern edge of Scandinavia. However, some scholars consider a
> >quite different picture, namely that of Saami neighbours which had played
> >a much more active role in the Scandinavian society at least until the
> >Middle Ages. Another contentious topic in today's research is the
> >southern border of the Saami population.
> >
> >The symposium aims at exploring these and other questions from an
> >interdisciplinary perspective. The contributions from, among others,
> >historians, anthropologists and linguists can complement one another and
> >give a differentiated picture of the Saami-Scandinavian contact history.
> >
> >
> >Berlin, Johanna Domokos, Jurij Kusmenko, Michael Rie├čler
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