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>From Denis.Sacharnych at hamburg.de

Dear friends and colleagues,
a new part of the Petrov brothers' homepage, namely "Udmurt Kyl", is now
opened: http://home.udmnet.ru/udmurt_kyl/udmurt.htm .
There are some items devoted to the latinization of the Udmurt written
language (or, to be more correct, to elaborating of the Latin-based
transcription systems for the e-mail correspondence in Udmurt) there. The
authors are: Viktor Petrov, Denis Sacharnych, Vladimir Napolskikh, and Eugen
All of colleagues interested in the Udmurt themes are of course invited to
take part in the discussion!

Denis Sacharnych
 Denis M.Sacharnych
 Assistent / Geschichte und Politologie
 Institut f├╝r Soziale Kommunikationen
 Udmurtische Staatsuniversit├Ąt, Izhevsk

 Universitetskaja 1, 426004 Izhevsk
 Udmurtische Republik, Russland
 Tel./Fax +7 3412/784387 (privat)
 E-Mail: Denis.Sacharnych at hamburg.de

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