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Dear Uralists,
forwarded (below), a query from Canada.
As this question does not seem to concern international comparative
Uralistics but, rather, Finnish folkloristics and ethnography, I will
forward the query to some other lists and places as well. Nevertheless,
please feel free to answer Eric P. Lourde (or forward his message) if you
have anything concrete and helpful in mind.

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Dear ura-list.

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology/translation studies at University of
Montreal. My research project has been accepted and I need to conduct some
my research in Finland. I also expect some fieldwork in Savo province, so I
would be in Finland for at least one semester and at the most an academic
I would not be an "exchange student" since there are no agreements beween U
Montreal and U of Helsinki. I would qualifiy as "visting student". But I
some indication as to who I should contact concerning this possibility.

Here is the title of my research project and a 100-word absract:

The translations of the Kalevala among the minorities of the European Union:
analysis and ethnography of epic poetry adaptation

The Kalevala occupies a particular position in world literature. Inspired by
and collected from traditional Finnish epic oral verse, the book has been
translated into a number of languages around the world. Analysis of these
translations can give us insight into how translators construct the identity
their own culture or of a foreign culture. For some linguistic minorities,
translation becomes a tool for expression of nationalism, especially texts
which were originally the basis for national awakening, like the Kalevala.

Eric Plourde,
M.A. Translation, University of Montreal
Ph.D. candidate, Ethnolinguistics, University of Montreal
[<plourer at magellan.UMontreal.CA> or <eric.plourde.1 at UMontreal.CA>]

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