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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Fri Jan 31 16:09:38 UTC 2003

Dear Uralists,
please let me know if these cross-postings are becoming a nuisance to you!
This time, I forward some information concerning the European Bureau for
Lesser Used Languages (read below or go directly to http://www.eblul.org/).

Best, Johanna
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Laakso
Institut für Finno-Ugristik der Universität Wien
Universitätscampus, Spitalg. 2-4 Hof 7, A-1090 Wien
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Dear reader,

The new edition of the Contact Bulletin, the newsletter of the European
Bureau for Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL), is now online. You can find it as
a pdf-file on our homepage www.eblul.org

Some of the topics in this edition are:

·       EBLUL organises first conference on lesser-used languages in Greece
·       New attacks on Basque language in Navarra
·       Linguistic diversity within the EU enlargement process.
·       Lesser-used languages- a matter of vocabulary
·       Minority Languages vs global phenomena challenges

For information or requests please do not hesitate to contact us:
bulletin at eblul.org

Best regards,


Rue Saint-Josse 49/Sint-Jooststraat 49
B-1210 Bruxelles/Brussel

TEL: 0032/2/ 250 31 64
FAX: 0032/2/ 218 19 74

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