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Dear All,
with usual apologies for cross-postings, I forward the following workshop
call (from the NORDLINGNET and LINGUIST lists).

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Katrin Hiietam <katrinhiietam at hotmail.com> writes:

Workshop Finnic Arguments

As a continuation to the workshop ISSUES IN FINNIC SYNTAX (19th SCL), the
workshop FINNIC ARGUMENTS, to be held at 20th Scandinavian Conference of
Linguistics (Helsinki 7-9 January 2004), invites abstracts on issues related
to verbal arguments in Finnic and Saami languages.

The focus of the workshop is the syntax and semantics of the core arguments
of a clause, as well as valency changing operations in which verbal
arguments participate (e.g. causativisation, impersonalisation etc.). The
workshop especially welcomes papers which present new data and discuss the
implications for any theoretical framework. The workshop is open to papers
from all frameworks, including descriptive typology.

A few of the questions that the workshop aims to seek answers to are listed

- How are grammatical relations defined in Finnic and Saami languages? Are
GRs a construction-specific phenomena rather than definable within a
language or a language family?
- What kind of valency changing operations do core arguments participate in?
Do these constructions possess any particular areal characteristics?
- When the core arguments undergo a valency changing operation, does their
grammatical status change?
- What is the best way to characterise impersonal constructions, along with
their morphosyntax and semantics?

Abstracts should be no longer than one A4 page. A separate page may be used
for data, tables, figures and references. Abstracts should be sent as
attachments to the workshop email address either in Word or rtf format.

Please include name, affiliation and email address at the top of the page.

Abstracts and any informal enquiries should be sent to:
finnic_arguments at hotmail.com

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2003

Notification of acceptance: 25 September 2003

Workshop organisers:
Katrin Hiietam (katrinhiietam at hotmail.com)
Elsi Kaiser, University of Pennsylvania (ekaiser at babel.ling.upenn.edu)
Satu Manninen, University of Lund (satu.manninen at englund.lu.se)
Diane Nelson, University of Leeds (d.c.nelson at leeds.ac.uk)
Virve-Anneli Vihman, University of Edinburgh (virve at ling.ed.ac.uk)

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