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Dear All,

forwarded from the UGRIMUGRI list (below, in Estonian and English, stripped
of the original attachments), with usual apologies for cross-postings, the
first (!) call to a conference on the problems of Siberian (minority) youth,
due to take place in Halle, Germany, next November. In his comment to the
conference call, Andres Heinapuu of SURI, Estonia, points out that the theme
is very closely connected to the main theme of the next FU World Congress in
Estonia, "Youth -- the hope and future of the Finno-Ugric peoples".

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>From  "Andres Heinapuu" <andres at>

Novembris toimub Halles Siberi polisrahvaste noorsoo probleemide alane
konverents. Siin paberite üleskutsed inglise ja vene keeles. Oleks väga hea
kui keegi eestlane leiaks voimaluse osaleda. (Kui nii, siis infokeskus ja
maailmakongressi korraldustoimkond, kongress at, oleksid huvitatud
kontaktist niisuguse inimesega, sest maailmakongressi teema on "Noorsugu on
soome-ugri rahvaste lootus ja tulevik".)

Head teesidekirjutamist!


Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 10:42 AM
Subject: Call for papers: 15-17 Nov at the Siberian Studies Centre, MPI

> "Everything is still before you": being young in Siberia today
> Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Siberian Studies Centre
> Halle, Germany, 15-17 November 2003
> Please read and forward/distribute to whom it may concern.
> Note: the Siberian Studies Centre will launch its webpages within
> the next two weeks at
> Best regards,
> Joachim Otto Habeck
> Attachments: call for papers in Russian and English
> --------below: plain text (English version)--------
> Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
> Siberian Studies Centre
> "Everything is Still Before You": Being Young in Siberia Today
> 15-17 November, 2003
> Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany
> When older people in Russia say to younger ones, "You are young,
> everything is still before you" (Ty eshche molodoi, u tebia vse eshche
> vperedi), they do so with a mixture of envy and hope for the
> possibilities of the future, and nostalgia for their own bygone youth.
> But this saying is also tinged with a pity born of the recognition of
> the difficulties and uncertainties confronting young people today. Such
> difficulties and uncertainties become magnified in allegedly peripheral
> regions such as Siberia. How are contemporary Siberian youth dealing
> with these issues? What are they doing to gain a degree of control over
> their own lives? Is it possible to interpret some of the "problems" of
> youth - crime, violence, substance abuse - not as the inevitable
> outcomes of economic and political forces beyond the control of youth,
> but rather as conscious expressions of self-defined life-styles?
> As a first step toward addressing these questions, the Siberian Studies
> Centre of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology invites
> papers for the conference "Everything is Still Before You": Being Young
> in Siberia Today, to be held 15-17 November, 2003, in Halle, Germany. We
> are seeking papers based on recent fieldwork. Papers should focus on
> issues facing young people living in Siberia (both indigenous and
> non-indigenous), including but not limited to:
>   changing expectations and orientations,
>   relationships to "traditional" ways of life,
>   relationships to native languages,
>   popular culture,
>   migration, urban-rural connections,
>   (un)employment and economic activities (both legal and illegal),
>   aggression against others and oneself: crime, violence, suicide,
>   gender issues,
>   sexuality,
>   conflict between generations.
> Each presenter will be given 25 minutes to present his/her paper. Please
> send a 500 word abstract by 31 August 2003 to the Siberian Studies
> Centre (address indicated below). Conference languages are English and
> Russian.
> Given the short notice of this call for papers, we do not expect
> publication-length texts by the time of the conference. However,
> participants are expected to submit presentation-length drafts
> (2500-3000 words) by 7 November, so that all participants will have the
> opportunity to read the papers of their co-panelists (and others) before
> the conference begins.
> Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
> Siberian Studies Centre
> Coordinator
> Joachim Otto Habeck
> Postfach/PO Box 11 03 51
> D-06017 Halle/Saale, Germany
> Tel.: +49 (0)3 45 - 29 27 - 216
> Fax: +49 (0)3 45 - 29 27 - 502
> e-mail: habeck at

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