Mordvin summer courses in Saransk

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Sun Mar 16 15:41:13 UTC 2003

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Courses in Erzian and Mokshen Language and Culture

It is our privilege to inform you that courses will be offered in the Erzian
and Mokshen languages at the Mordovian State University this summer from
June 29 until July 20, 2003.

These courses are intended for people with no previous knowledge of Erzian
or Mokshen and will include both theoretical and practical elements in
language and culture instruction.

The price of participation inclusive instruction, room-n-board and a
cultural program is $180.
The courses will be held in Saransk with excursions to the Mokshen and
Erzian villages and country-side.

For further information and registration (you can write us Mokshen, Erzian,
Russian, Finnish, Hungarian or English) before May 30, 2003, please contact
filfac at
430000 Saransk
Bolshevistskaya 69
Mordovian State University
Filologicheski Fakultet
(Kabayeva or Matorkina)

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