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Dear All,
forwarded from the Finnish women's studies list, with usual apologies for
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16-17 April 2004, Cambridge, MA Graduate Student Workshop,
Minda de Ginzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University

This workshop will bring together advanced graduate students writing
dissertations on topics pertaining to minorities in Modern Europe. We
welcome papers from students with a variety of social science
political scientists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and
economists. The workshop will be divided into panels, where graduate
student participants and leading scholars will discuss student work.

Considering both historical minorities and newer immigrant groups, this
workshop explores the interaction between European societies and
minorities. How have European institutions and societies influenced the
identity and organization of religious, ethnic, and linguistic/regional
minorities in the modern European context? In turn, in what ways have
religious, ethnic, and regional minorities affected identity and
institutions on the European continent? Papers broadly addressing the
following questions are especially encouraged:

How have definitions of minority and integration changed over time?
How do new or old religious communities challenge the relationship
between religion and the state in Europe?
How do historical or regional minorities interact with newer
immigrant populations?
How do minorities re-conceive and re-define forms of political
participation and cultural life?
What part does minority associational activity play in political and
social life?
In what ways do minorities change and define urban environments?
How do political institutions accommodate ethnic, linguistic and
religious diversity?

Travel and accommodation expenses will be provided for all workshop
participants. Students will write a 15- to 20-page paper and make a
presentation based on their doctoral research. Participation is limited
doctoral students in North American and European universities and
acceptance is competitive. Interested graduate students should submit
copies of an application including:

1) A one-page curriculum vitae, indicating year in graduate school
2) A 1000-word summary of dissertation research
3) A 300-word abstract proposing a workshop paper

The application deadline is November 21, 2003. Accepted papers should be
submitted by February 14, 2004 for pre-circulation. Please send
application materials (six copies, no faxes please) to:

Lisa Eschenbach
Harvard University
Email: lmeschen at

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