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Dear All,

forwarded from the UGRIMUGRI list, with apologies for cross-postings, news from the Virtual Livonia webmaster. The new site now contains, among other things, online versions of Sjögren-Wiedemann’s Livonian grammar and Petõr Damberg’s Livonian reader. Enjoy!

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> Edastan liivi lehekülje Virtual Livonia koostaja Uldis Balodise kirja, mis
> teatab lehekülje aadressi muutusest ning uudistest leheküljel.
> Parimate soovidega,
> Siiri Ries
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> Hello,
> My name is Uldis Balodis, and I'm the author of the Virtual Livonia page
> linked on your site of Livonian resources.  Yesterday I completed a major
> upgrade of the site, and I thought you might be interested in it.
> First of all, the site's address has changed.  It is now:
> The size of the site has expanded nearly a hundredfold.  I have created
> online versions of two seminal books in Livonian studies, the
> Sjo"gren/Wiedemann "Livische Grammatik nebst Sprachproben" as well as,
> Peto~r Damberg's "Jemakiel Lugdo~branto~z Skuol ja Kuod pierast".  Visitors
> to the page can walk through the coast towns, as there is now a section of
> photography and stories devoted to giving an insight into the nature of the
> ancestral coast villages where the Livonians made their home over the course
> of the last centuries.  There is also a mini-grammar of Livonian, where I
> have compiled information from several different sources to give a
> non-comprehensive picture of the nature of the language and its structure.
> The Livonian History section has also been updated (in About Livonia), to
> include a history written focusing on events relevant to the Livonians, as
> well as, the impact of larger events on them specifically.
> All the best,
> Uldis Balodis
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