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Dear All,

with apologies for cross-postings, forwarded from the URAL-LISTA and
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Betreff: [ural] Conference 1.-3.10. in Tartu: Finno-Ugrians, Siberian
Indigenous Peoples...

Finnish-Estonian conference

"Culture Change and Worldview: Finno-Ugrians, Siberian Indigenous Peoples
and the Others"
will be held between 1st-3rd of October, 2004, in Tartu.
The aim of the conference is to discuss different approaches to the
interrelationship of worldview and culture change in different areas
inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples and small peoples of the Russian North.

During the 20th century, political, social and cultural changes have
influenced the life and survival of many Finno-Ugric and Siberian indigenous
communities. At the same time the claims have been made that worldview has
central position in peoples' mentality, one of the most stable parts of
culture. So we try to find different ways for interpretating these two
seemingly contradictory areas of culture. But at the same time,
interrelationship between these two fields is complex and can not be easily
explained by taken-for-granted scientific models.

We hope that contributions to the conference will add some new insights to
this problematics and afterwards we can go further in studies on folk
mentality and worldview with better awareness about our ways of treating
some important questions concerning change and stability in culture.

Info: professor Art Leete, art.leete[at]ut.ee
Etnoloogia õppetool
Ülikooli 16
EE-50090 TARTU
telefon (+372) 7375654

with the support of Finnish Institute in Estonia

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